Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Russian anarchist art group does it right.

Voina, Russian for war, is an underground art group of anarchist and anti-authoritarians who are mad as fucking bats. They're actions are sometimes described as violent, sometimes politial, sometimes just gross.

Some of their "art projects" include public orgies

Sit down dinners in train cars
They even drew a dick on a drawbridge that faced a KGB station
The members of Voina don't own any property, nor do they accept or spend money for any reason. All of their matierials are stolen, they steal all of their food, and they live in squats and other free shelters.

One member of Voina, named “Vacuous Cunt With Inconceivably Huge Tits” stole a frozen chicken from super market by hiding it in her... yeah... her vagina. 

Other Voina achievments worth mention:
Donning a police uniform and a catholic priests collar, then stealing an entire shopping carts worth of food.
Flipping over police cars.
Throwing cats at mcdonalds employees in celebration of international workers day. 

... But wait! I bet you want the link to that Chicken video right?

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